WhatsApp Phone image
WhatsApp Phone image

Reports warn that many WhatsApp accounts have been hacked. The Cybersecurity Agency of Israel – where most of the hacks have occurred – sent a security alert in the national territory. The news was informed by the portal ZDNet.

According to the alert issued, the hacks are the product of a new method that makes use of the voice mail system provided by telephone providers to access the WhatsApp account.

Those users who do not change their password to voice mail are at risk of being hacked. The default password is usually 000 or 1234, and not all users personalize it.

How does the attack happen?
Attackers install WhatsApp on their mobile device and try to access the application using a legitimate phone number of someone else.

For security reasons, the app sends a code via text message to the provided mobile number. In case the user is not making the change, the SMS works as an alert. But sometimes people are busy or asleep at the time of change.

If you try to access unsuccessfully many times, WhatsApp proceeds to do a voice verification. Call the mobile number and the code is given through the call.

When the victim does not respond, the call with the code is saved as a voice message. The hacker should only access the voicemail of the victim and listen to the code. User security is more vulnerable if you have not changed your default password.

According to ZDNet, when the attacker manages to access the WhatsApp account, he can activate the verification option in two steps. This way, the real owner could not access your account if you can not enter a six-digit code that is selected by the hacker.

In addition to the key change, it is recommended to enable the verification option in two steps offered by the mobile application.

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