Monday, January 27, 2020
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You been hacked!

WhatsApp, Telegram Coding Blunders Can Expose Personal Media Files

The issue, present on Android versions, is similar to the known man-in-the-disk attack vector. Though WhatsApp and Telegram tout themselves as secure messaging services, faulty developer coding that allows cyber-attackers to intercept media files sent on the Android versions of the services (like photos and videos, documents and voice memos) undercuts that claim.

Researcher Bypasses Instagram 2FA to Hack Any Account

An independent researcher earned a $30,000 bug bounty after discovering a weakness in the mobile recovery process.
Crypviser News Warning Malware Infection

Agent Smith Malware Infects 25M Android Phones to Push Rogue Ads

Researchers are warning of a new breed of Android malware, dubbed “Agent Smith,” that they claim has infected 25 million handsets in order to replace legitimate apps with doppelgangers that display rogue ads. The malware is tied to a China-based firm, according to Check Point researchers, and is targeting users in India, Pakistan and other parts of Asia.
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1,300 Popular Android Apps Access Data Without Proper Permissions

Study finds Android apps circumvented privacy opt-in rules and collected sensitive user information against user permission. Over 1,300 popular Android apps defy user permissions and...
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WhatsApp accounts have been hacked!

Reports warn that many WhatsApp accounts have been hacked. The Cybersecurity Agency of Israel - where most of the hacks have occurred - sent a security alert in...